Friday, November 9, 2012

Why I Am No Longer Choosing To Serve At My Church

When God reveals the details of how he wants me to serve is my response a simple "Yes, Lord."? Or do I first consider who, what, where, how and to what extent
I am currently comfortable and adequately equipped to serve? I may not like the assignment God has for me. I may not even like those whom I serve. I may look foolish, stupid or even crazy. Do I say "Lord, I'm sorry but I can't do THAT! People might think I'm judging them. I would look like a hypocrite!" I don't have enough time. It's too far to drive. I don't have enough gas money. I'm driving on a spare tire. I have a health condition. Those people made their beds, now they can lay in them. They don't even want help, they're just looking for a handout. I don't have a sitter. And besides I wouldn't even know where to begin. If these or other excuses are true barriers then I must take these needs to the Lord in prayer. And He is faithful! On the other hand, am I just using them to justify not serving? If I am His servant, I have surrendered my right to choose who, when, where, how and to what extent I will serve. A servant is completely available and utterly vulnerable. The truly awesome part is that there is freedom in this! When I surrender and become His servant I no longer have to fret over how I will manage to find enough time, money, resources, etc to do X, Y and Z because the servant owns nothing. Even my time isn't my own. My responsibility is simply to obey and make good use of what my master has given me. And we serve a very wise and benevolent master. So I am no longer choosing to serve in my church. Rather I am Christ's servant and He is my master. And I urge you, ask yourself "Have I merely made a choice to serve or have I surrendered my entire life to Jesus?" And then act accordingly.