Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Free Samples
I get an email daily to remind me to check the website and request the free samples that I am interested in receiving. If you haven't already signed up it is worth an extra email in your inbox every day. Most days I only request a few samples but today I requested the following:
1.Dunkin' Donuts coffee sample
2.Chocoalte Covered Pomogranite Seeds
3.N├ęctavida liquid supplement
5.8 Child Safety Kits
6. free Sample of NicoDerm CQ and a $7 coupon for NicoDerm® CQ® with Smart Control
7.Bodi Heat Sample
8.New Fisher Price DVD
9.100ml sample bottle of Sabatino Tartufi Gourmet Olive Oil
10.Celebrate Urban Birds kit containing a beautiful color poster, information on urban greening, and bird identification for 16 common species.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breastfeeding awards!

This ribbon signifies that I have spent 5 plus years of my life as a breastfeeding mamma!

I really wanted to add this ribbon to my blog as a widget thingy but I can't figure out how to do it. So I figured at least this way if/when I actually have readers, they can enjoy these cool ribbons, too! There are about 10 different colored ribbons ranging from 6 weeks breastfeeding to 5 years + breastfeeding. In our society it is a heroic act of courage, selflessness and fortitude if we manage to successfully breastfeed at all. It is sometimes near impossible to leave the house without our efforts being undermined and out right sabotaged . We rarely get a pat on the back and we certainly don't expect any rewards! Now go get yourself a ribbon! You deserve it! And if anyone can tell me how to add links to my blog without including them in a post I would be so grateful!

Free Samples!

This is a great resource for requesting free samples. You can even sign up for emails to remind you to request them. They could be great stocking stuffers if you can manage to get to the mail box before one of your kids does. ;-)

Free Samples

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fleamarket Ship and Before Desk Makeover

This ship was originally $28. It was marked down to $14 and the man selling it was not anxious to cart it back home with him so he offered it to me for $10 when he saw my son looking at it.

The desk we picked up for free a long time ago when some of the kids were enrolled in private school. I am planning to give it a makeover soon so these are the before photos.

Flea Market Bargains

I got the rolling pin for $5. I have been wanting one like it (all one piece) forever. And the table runner was $2! I think the jar of notions was $2.

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Flea Market Finds

I should have saved these for Christmas but my little guy was with me and I gave the sorting toy to him already. It was $2. It's made by Plan Toys, I think.

The Betsy Clark doll I bought for myself because I had one just like her when I was little and I just couldn't resist. I probably paid too much though, $12.
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Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Your Ecological Footprint?

I took the ecological footprint quiz and it was pretty enlightening. I think I'll actually take it again though because I didn't save my results. Arghh! Check it out.