Sunday, October 12, 2008

Awesome yard sale finds

Look! I got the Melissa & Doug wooden tool box toy for 25 cents! The stacking/nesting cubes were $2 but I really liked the art work and they would probably cost $10 new. Plus they are in perfect condition. The tool box is missing a few key components, namely the hammer but we already have one at home so it didn't really matter. Plus, at fifteen months old my little guy has just as much fun dumping & refilling the box anyway.

I love this beaded necklace with the butterfly's but when I tried it on I discovered that it is a choker so it will be a gift for someone. I can't stand to have anything remotely constricting around my neck. I don't even wear turtlenecks. The bright and colorful beads are a bracelet and the loose beads were a bracelet. They only cost 10 cents each so I wasn't too upset when the elastic broke. We will recycle the beads for a craft project, probably the denim purses the girls and I are working on.

These are my absolute favorite yard sale find this week! I suppose they were a bit pricey for a yard sale but I am so happy with them. I just love the vintage look they have. And the set of stoneware crocks I got for a $1. It is actually a dip cooler. You put ice in the bottom of the tall one and dip in the little one. Then the little one fits in the top of the taller one. I like it as a utensil crock for now.

This pillow and small quilt were 50 cents each. So my total was $12.55 How on earth does one stick to a $5 per week budget for thrift stores and yard sales?

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