Monday, February 16, 2009

100% FREE K-12Another Awesome Freebie! Tailored Tutoring Programs in Math and Reading!

This info is taken from the Mindsprinting home page. I love this website!

MINDsprinting is 100% FREE. 5 good reasons to Enroll Today!


Comprehensive Assessment Tests
Our Tests determine school grade level, skill gaps, and enable us to tailor our programs to a student's needs. You receive diagnostic results promptly, and if a Test is taken multiple times you can select which results to use for that program.

Coordinated Math (K-12) Tutoring. [View Sample Lessons/Curriculum]
Each student receives two tailored programs in which we assign teaching and practice lessons:
* Personal Math: Tailored to each student on the basis of skills that should have been mastered by his/her grade level and the ones he/she has actually mastered. Students can fill skill gaps from prior grades at their own pace, without peer pressure, and raise their skills to grade level and beyond without any limits. Ideal for remedial and enrichment purposes.
* State Standards Math: Addresses all skills, by grade and by state, students must know for the annual NCLB-required exam. Over 50 different programs - we track your state's standards exactly! We tailor the program to assign lessons for all required skills in a student's grade that are not yet mastered (and show you the ones that have been mastered too).

You can use either program alone - but together they are a one-of-a-kind teaching tool that provides individualized tutoring AND state exam preparation at the same time!

Reading Tutoring (K-12) [View Sample Lessons/Curriculum]
* Reading Excellence (K-3): Teaches children how to read and write from the very beginning.
* Reading Comprehension (4-12): Improves students' understanding of what they read.

User Friendly System.
An easy-to-use website - no training is required. Start immediately after you enroll.
* The Dashboard: Manage students and access features from one page.
* Fast Tracking: Select, skip or repeat lessons for one or all students.
* Reports: Detailed Transcripts; Progress Reports, and Custom Reports.
* Printed lessons: No sitting in front of a computer required.

Convenient, quality tutoring (our proven curriculum has been honed for over 20 years and been approved for NCLB tutoring) is now available to you at no cost.
* Parents: Help your child improve from the comfort of your own home.
* Teachers: Take advantage of this easy-to-use, multi-purpose tool; give your students their own personalized tutoring programs - ones that make it easy for parents to get involved too!
* Students: Take control of your future. Get the tutoring you deserve and maximize your abilities.


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